CPL-GSV-044 Gia’s Little Smother Pet

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Bella was introduced to Gia the Giant, and is now practically terrified of her. Gia outweighs Bella by almost double, and she literally towers over her. Just her sheer size alone is intimidating. But that does not deter Bella from giving it her best shot against Gia. As Gia approaches Bella she looks at her and says “so your the big bad tough Bella, but your so tiny” as she slams Bella up against the wall. Wrapping her huge hand around Bella’s neck she holds her against the wall and says “your tiny like a little baby”, and picks up Bella and cradles her. Bella ways she wants down, so Gia just lets go of her making Bella crash to the mats, no warning at all. Gia slowly climbs  on top of her smaller prey, Bella moaning in pain saying that hurt. Gia said” oh whats wrong that hurt, you gonna cry about it you sissy” as she sits high on Bella throat now. Not wanting to hear Bella moaning about being hurt, Gia moves up and facesits Bella, clearly enjoying her journey of domination. Gia mentally destroys Bella by degrading and verbally humiliating her throughout this clip. gia also uses her large hands to her advantage and uses hand over mouth smothering that has Bella on the brink of going out a few times. Bella was no match for the amazon as she gets scissored and smothered heavily. Bella was feeling the pressure as Gia crushes Bella with her weight, and puts Bella’s neck through quite the workout being squeezed in her massive thighs. Bella was at the complete mercy of Gia. To make matters even more humiliating for Bella, Gia sits full weight on Bella’s stomach and starts foot smothering Bella. It wasn’t long before Bella was practically in tears from such a domination match. She was made to enjoy Gia’s huge feet that were draped across her face, blocking her mouth and nose. Gia’s surprise finisher was she made Bella open her mouth and suck her toes until he gave up, leaving Bella all teary eyed and defeated. If you like big versus small domination, this match will surely hit the spot.

cplpicsets CPL-GSV-044 Gia's Little Smother Pet

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