CMX-ZF-6 Bombshell KO

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CMX-ZF-6 Bombshell KO Zoe is very easy on the eyes, and a thrill to watch on the mats. She gives it 110% each time she steps on them, no matter who she faces, big or small, male and female. Today she takes great pride in dominating and humiliating chadam, as she constantly keeps him pinned to the mats, smothering the living day lights out of him.

She makes this look all too easy, and sexy as she denies him air over and over, really making him need that last breath just before he goes out. It’s like breath play edging for her. The more she keeps herself firmly planted on his face in either forward or reverse, just brings him closer to his fate. You can see his head squirm in her ass or pussy really needing air. His arms were pinned tight, and there was no getting away.

Her strong toned legs kept him secured while she smothers him. This time at the end, she decided not to give him what he wanted badly, and that was a breath. With his constant taps and muffled moans, he finally goes out, she even stays on his face a tad longer. As she sits up he was done, and out, she decided to still sit on his face again. The camera girl had to tell her that she KO’d him and to get off his face. epic ending.

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