CMX-NBP-34 The Black Bedroom Boss

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CMX-NBP-34 The Black Bedroom Boss  Nevina is a thick gorgeous BBW. She takes on chadam in a more private setting on the bed. She outweighs him by quite a few pounds and uses her weight to keep him trapped beneath her. Once chadam goes down, Nevina shows no mercy on him, taking her time smothering him. The more chadam squirmed, the more Nevina enjoyed it. Chadam’s face was buried deep in her ass, her huge ass cheeks engulfed his whole face. When she facesat him in forward, he literally disappears between her thick muscular black thighs. With an onslaught of non stop facesitting chadam was on the brink of going out several times. This is one spectacular  facesitting performance by a smoking hot black BBW goddess.




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