CMX-SC-05 Summer vs. Chad 3 Tap Challenge

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Summer challenges chadam to a competitive 3 tap challenge style match. Each person must make their opponent tap 3 times, then restart again. This is the first in many of these challenges. Summer is a stunning, beautiful girl, with a cute smile, but one hell of an evil streak. chadam found out first hand that Summer means business.ON the count of three, Summer lunged at Chadam, and before he knew it, he was on the ground, with Summer mounting his face. Now she is going for her first three tap outs. Goal, achieved in just over a minute. As they go to restart, Summer didn’t even give chadam a chance to get up and restart and he found himself in a very painful headscissor. Summer snaps on her muscular thighs super tight, and quickly gains 3 taps. Chadam was in shock, and Summer backs away as chadam rubs his neck, in dire pain. Summer waits for chadam to recover, but decides to attack him anyways. Now she is about to let him feel the power of her arms. Summer pulls chadam into her, gets behind him, and cranks on a nasty rear naked choke. His face goes beat red almost instantly as she squeezes. Her bodyscissor/rear naked choke puts chadam in serious trouble and pain. The 3 taps came quite quick. He Suffers more intense headscissors, facesits both forward and reverse, and is becoming extremely sore and exhausted. By the end of this clip, Summer had dominated him with lightning fast moves, and excruciating holds. He was more than happy to finally give up and end this clip, now having to recover.

cplpicsets CMX-SC-05 Summer vs. Chad 3 Tap Challenge

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