CMX-BCT-9 Cynaras Headcissor KO

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CMX-BCT-9 Cynaras Headcissor KO  As everyone knows Cynara is a powerful Amazonian goddess. In this clip she uses chadam as her little domination toy. Chadam struggles quite intensely at the start, but Cynara uses her weight, height and strength to over power him talking him down. From there she works him over with facesits, full weight facesits, taunts and teases him. Her pins are inescapable, and all the fighting and struggling in the world was not helping chadam as he is trapped under Cynara. She uses side headscissors clamping on those thick strong thighs around his neck. When Cynara goes into a reverse straight leg, chadam’s face is literally pulled into her ass as she squeezes. But she wanted to make sure he was not going to just quit, instead she turns up the power and holds the scissor until he literally just goes out. Night night, Cynara finishes him off with a sweet reverse headscissor KO.

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