CMX-SC-05 Summer vs. Chad 3 Tap Challenge

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Summer challenges chadam to a competitive 3 tap challenge style match. Each person must make their opponent tap 3 times, then restart again. This is the first in many of these challenges. Summer is a stunning, beautiful girl, with a cute smile, […]


ACTIVE:  NO Height:  5’3 Weight:  115lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed,  semi competitive,  pin submission, grappling Favorite moves:  headscissors  

Summer vs Chad Mixed Set 1 – Gallery

Summer vs Chad Mixed Set 1 Summer is pretty girl next door kind of girl. But beneath all those looks, hides an aggressive, strong, and a determined girl. She shows no letting up on chadam as she squeezes him in vice like scissors, facesits him […]

FPP-018 Arianne vs Summer Pin Competition

Arianne and Summer from fightingirls meet on the mats for this pin battle. They are only aloud to use crossbody pins, full body, grapevines and single leg cradles to score submissions. These moves are fairly new to both, and it is quite interesting watching both […]