CPL-CLS-033 Sexy Schoolgirl K.O

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CPL-CLS-033 Sexy Schoolgirl K.O

Feebee hits the mats today dressed in her custom Hustler schoolgirl outfit, and does she ever look sexy as hell. She has no fear and the confidence of a lioness. Feebee dishes out schoolgirl punishment like no other in this clip. She forces chadam to the mats and begins to literally just destroy him. Trapping him between her smooth sexy thighs she forward and reverse facesits him with ease. Chadam struggles, but it is just useless. He now has no choice but to become this schoolgirl’s little bitch as she degrades him. After having enough of beating him, she facesits him in forward, pulls her skirt up and stares into his eyes watching him struggle and tap out, until he just fades away being K.O’d in her sweet, tight, thong clad pussy. EPIC.

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