CMX-CDA-001 Canada Day Ass Kicking

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CMX-CDA-001 Canada Day Ass Kicking

Well what better way to introduce our newest wrestler AJ than to have her dressed in her all Canadian Bikini in her debut mixed match. AJ is quite tough, has a high tolerance for pain, and learned very quickly. She is no stranger to activities since she is very fit and it shows. Her face shows determination as she hears the countdown, then she quickly lunges at chadam. After a brief scuffle she takes him to the mats doing the best she can to secure a pin. AJ uses a full weight pin as chadam fights hard to break free, but she maintains her balance and was destined to keep him pinned. She keeps him under control beneath her, and changes into a facesit. Chadam was fighting hard wanting to escape, instead AJ switches to a rolling side scissor. Chadam nearly escapes but with her cat like reflexes she gets him head firmly trapped between her thighs. AJ tightens the grip and not long after she had chadam tapping. She gets quite a few more taps then changes into a figure four that was devastating and painful looking. Chadam’s face turned about as red as her bikini bottoms. Now AJ pours on the pressure and really locks this scissor on tightly. All chadam could do was tap, and try to literally stay awake now. Her thighs are powerful as shown by the pain on his face. She uses the figure four to break him down and drain his energy, then got behind him in a straight leg scissor. She lifts up adding pressure to the squeeze, then moves into a reverse pin. She secures his arms in a grapevine like fashion under her shins causing immense pain on his shoulders as he is unable to budge. Once secured, she leans back burying his face in her tight ass, and cranks on the pain to his shoulders. This was a brutal move, yet effective. He taps over and over, moaning in pain, as the camera gives you a full 360 degree view. As she releases the hold chadam lets out a painful sigh of relief, but his arms are done. AJ lays down into a north south choke pin driving her pelvic bone into his throat. She then scoops his head up with her thighs and puts on a perfect straight leg scissor. His face driven closer to her ass the more she squeezes. His eyes filled with fear as he continually taps. AJ moves back into a reverse pin and chadam with all his last bits of energy tries to push her off. Instead AJ slides back and facesits him once again. There was not much he could do but lay there and take what ever AJ was going to dish out. AJ then flips into a forward pin, puts his arms above his head, then crawls up and sits on his face. She then crossed his arms and tucked then under her shins removing any leverage now. Chadam is trapped in this facesit as she lifts up and down to give him just a bit of air each time he taps. Aj then puts his arms back under her shins and locks them in place while holding them. She drops back down sitting back on his face, taking what little air he has left away from him. Looking down she asks if he wants to quit, but she won’t allow him to say anything as she stays on his face. When he tapped she lifted only a slight bit then goes right back down smothering him. He finally gets a slight bit of air, and gasping he admits he quits. AJ accomplished what she came to do, beat and destroy chadam. She flexes for the camera and says HELL YA knowing for her first mixed match she put him in his place.




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