CMX-RB-05 Obedience Domination

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Rosalei is dressed in her beige jodhpurs and tall riding boots and in a bit of a twisted sadistic mood that she is ready to take out on chadam. As the camera girl hits three on the countdown, Rosalei lunges at chadam getting him into a head lock and slams him to the mats. she is lightning fast and mounts him in a tight schoolgirl pin. She bounces on him a few times trying to wind him then jumps on his face smothering him. He tries to pry her legs apart and push her off his face but couldn’t. Rosalei is much stronger than she looks. Chadam taps a few times, and still continues to fight to get her off him. Rosalei removes his leverage and pins his arms tight under her legs and continues facesitting him. Using this tactic she knows will slowly take his fight away and make him weaker. She then rolls to the side, his head trapped very firmly between her immensely strong thighs as she squeezes. His face gets rather red, and he makes weird noises as she pours on the pain.

Chadam is already reaming from the pain and feeling its effects. Rosalei rolls back on top and continues her smothering attack, constantly facesitting him. Gasping for air, and slightly dazed, Rosalei easily sneaks behind him and clamps on a vicious straight leg scissor. It seemed like he was trying to say something but it was complete gibberish as she hammers down the squeeze almost sending him out. He tried to shake it off as she asked him if he was ready again, saying no, she squeezed anyways, seemingly unimpressed with his answer. she scissors him a few more times before releasing him and jumping on him now in reverse. She places her boot covered feet onto his arms to pin them, bounces on him a few times then slams onto his face in a reverse facesit. Rosalei dishes out some pretty intense reverse smothers, drawing the wind and air from his lungs. Sliding back, she locks on a reverse straight leg scissor and made him tap almost instantly. spreading her legs, she digs her crotch down hard and deep into his throat now ch0king him, as his face nearly went purple. Rosalei whips around in forward, giving him a few more chest bounces before administering more forward facesits.

Seeing he was rather weak, she dishes out more headscissors, hand over mouth, then goes right for a throat ch0ke. She places her boots over his throat, driving it down until he tapped out. Going back to one more forward facesit, Rosalei has finally got him under her complete control now. Standing up she pulls him to his knees, standing above him she uses a standing scissor now. Coughing from her standing scissor, chadam was trying to catch his breath and before he knew it Rosalei was putting a collar on him with a leash. Sitting on his back as he is on all fours, she pulls out her riding crop and whips him, pulling on the leash making him walk all over the mats with her on his back. At the end she makes him sit, and she stands proudly flexing holding on to her newly tamed little slave boy.

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