CMX-FPD-09 Piledriver KO

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CMX-FPD-09 Piledriver KO- Feebee is a strong girl, and that she totally proves in this clip. She only stands 5’2 and weighs a mere 115 lbs. She challenges chadam to a superb match. Feebee lashes out at chadam like never before. Wiping the mats with his sorry ass, she belittles him, humiliates him, and locks him in hold after hold, destroying his arrogant male ego. He suffers some serious head scissors, that actually have him on the verge of going out, relentless face sitting, that has him gasping, and to top it all off the biggest surprise yet.

Feebee broke him down, little by little, then dragged him up by his hair, lined him up between her thighs, and hoisted him into the air. This was a phenomenal feat of strength for her to lift close to 140 lbs up and slam his face right into the mats. Between chadam getting contorted into compromising positions and Feebee gaining several tap outs, she finally ends the clip by hoisting him up one last time, and slamming him to the mats, sending him into a completely KO’d state. She rolls his body over, sits on him, and poses, showing off her superior female strength, flexing her muscles.

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