CMX-CU-45 Amazon Affliction

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Chadam gets confronted once again by the amazon Gia and he willingly accepts the challenge, even though he shouldn’t have. Even when Gia starts on her knees she still towers over the smaller chadam. With all smiles the match starts and they charge at each other, Gia grabbing chadam around the waist, then flipping him over trapping him in a headscissor as he hits the mats. He struggles to break her massive thighs apart, and fails miserably as the pressure was too much and tapped out. Gia releases the headscissor and wraps her arms around his neck as she lays behind him. Adding serious pressure quickly, chadam’s face goes instantly red and taps again. She manages to secure one more headscissor on and gets the last tap. They restart again and this time chadam gets to his feet, scooping Gia up and putting her over his shoulder. With Gia completely off the ground we guess chadam didn’t think that move through, as Gia easily falls backwards bringing chadam with her and getting him into a rear naked choke making him tap quite quickly. Gia was not about to show him any mercy in fact she gets him down in the next take down and facesits him. He tries to push her off, to no avail he can’t. With two more breath depriving facesits they restart again. This time Gia and chadam go down, and Gia gets on a reverse knotted figure four, which did not take long for him to tap out to that intense hold. As they scrimmage for position next fall, Gia gets chadam down into a reverse, and readies herself for a full on reverse splits facesit. His face is engulfed in her ass with no where to go, except to tap out. After a few submissions she spins into forward gets a tap from a facesit, then goes for the full weight facesit pin, crushing his face under all her weight. Chadam is clearly becoming quite exhausted fighting this amazon, as he tries to guard himself against her. Another headscissor comes into play, chadam moans and struggles to break free, but doesn’t. The next fall chadam fights back harder with what energy he has left, he has side control on Gia now trying for an americana, even with all his strength, he couldn’t get it locked on. Gia breaks out, and uses her powerful legs to headscissor him again. Face down he was in a trach choke, which didn’t take long before he tapped. Gia continues her rampage of facesitting and headscissors to really break chadam down, and drain his energy as his pathetic attempts to make her tap out became rather amusing to Gia. She throws in a wickedly good reverse smothering figure four, as you can barely see his face trapped in her thighs. She switches that hold right into another reverse splits facesit. With a few more facesits. chokes, and headscissors it was obvious that chadam was finished. Gia decides it was time to really pour on the pressure as she sits in a reverse full weight  sumo squat facesit, no amount of trying to push her off was working. With one last forward facesit, chadam was exhausted to the point he could barely move, then Gia turns in reverse, giving him one last does of her ass. She sits back and buries his face completely in her ass sitting all her weight down, and waits for him to tap. Gia easily flexes her strong arm muscles for the camera while a winded and beaten chadam lay under her, defeated. 

cplpicsets CMX-CU-45 Amazon Affliction


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