CMX-BWV-055 The Real Baywatch Babe Beating

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CMX-BWV-055 The Real Baywatch Babe Beating  Raven Wild certainly lives up to her name in this video. This girl is full of energy, and no matter what is sexually charged up, even in competitive matches. This was a pin submission match with her and chadam going toe to toe. Raven is a powerhouse full of strength and skill and always turns her moves into her own self gratification. She practically uses chadam as her little playtoy ragdoll, tossing him around on the mats, charging at him and slamming him down over and over. Each time he goes down she either uses a pincount to defeat him, or goes for a long drawn out submission. With many variations of moves, she makes it look just all too easy, not to mention she loves dominating. Raven is in control, using near facesit pin counts, both forward and reverse, even pinching his nipples making him scream into her ass or pussy. Raven was just too much woman for him to handle on the mats, being trapped in headscissors having him tap from her massively powerful thighs, or his face completely engulfed in her ass in a facesit. She looked stunning in her little white daisy duke cut off shorts and baywatch swimsuit. Raven was more than content on dragging out each pin and submission for her own sexual pleasures making chadam suffer just that much longer beneath her. she also used shin chokes, hand over mouth and more as well to break him down. He was a whimpering mess by the end of this clip. Raven certainly mauled him into submission every occasion she could.

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One thought on “CMX-BWV-055 The Real Baywatch Babe Beating”

  1. Love Raven wild
    Their legs and most important her trash talk and her face
    In my opinion the best wrestler
    Because you can see that she loves wrestler

    When She get him in Facesitting love how he struggle ti escape

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