CMX-PC-008 Competitive Pin Count Match

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Evangeline is a tough rising hot young star out to prove herself. What better way than to challenge chadam to a competitive pin count match. This is one of few we have ever produced. the action was fast, the emotions are real, and the intensity is hard. Chadam really fought hard not to get pinned by Evangeline. she is dressed in her wrestling singlet and she does a superb job of holding her own. Chadam made it difficult for Evangeline, but her skills proved too much for him as she pinned him numerous times, and to add humiliation she counted really slow. After each pinfall they got up and restarted again. Evangeline shows no mercy, and pins him using super tight schoolgirl pins, a crossbody pin, and a reverse schoolgirl pin facesit combo. Chadam was no match as he squirmed beneath her each time, trying to break the count, but Evangeline was just too strong and kept him pinned and locked down to the mats. Excellent pin power display here.
1x1-pixel CMX-PC-008 Competitive Pin Count Match

cplpicsets CMX-PC-008 Competitive Pin Count Match

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