CMX-ZT-6 Zoes Pin Submission K.O

Category:  Mixed Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 15 Minutes
Members Clip: 15 Minutes
Published: 2019-03-15
Price Download Only: $15.99: USD

1x1-pixel CMX-ZT-6 Zoes Pin Submission K.O
1x1-pixel CMX-ZT-6 Zoes Pin Submission K.O
1x1-pixel CMX-ZT-6 Zoes Pin Submission K.O

CMX-ZT-6 Zoes Pin Submission K.O  Zoe prepares herself to use all of her newly acquired skills to challenge chadam to a pin submission match. Zoe can either pin chadam down and count to 5, or she can use any other hold to make him submit. Now Zoe may be fairly new, but she is one tough girl who’s perseverance really shows in her aggressive style of wrestling. Zoe immediately grabs chadam and tosses him to the mats, securing a facesit submission. As Zoe continues to whip chadam to the mats, her energy becomes more electric and her strength seems to increase. She scores a multitude of facesits submissions along with multiple pincount to 5 falls as well. She also uses reverse facesits to get some points. But nearing the end, she has chadam locked in a tight inescapable facesit and as he taps, she taunts him and stays on his face. Chadam thought he could go longer under her but that was not the case, and he drifted off. Zoe easily celebrates her total victory over him as she poses knowing she was clearly the winner. Great display of female domination and humiliation over an obvious weaker male.


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