SAV-051 Jennifer Thomas in: Brutal Bench Smothering

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Chadam pulled the foot bench out and layed down on it after one of his and Jennifer’s rough matches. When Jennifer came back out, she asked him what he was doing and his response was mind blowing. He looked right at Jennifer and asked her to massage him. Her response was that HE should be the one massaging her and that she received massages, not gives them. Well she decided to teach this perv a lesson he soon won’t forget. She jumps over the bench with one leg on either side, and slams down onto his face smothering him. Jennifer was trash talking and mocking him the whole time as he suffers beneath her. Being creative was something Jennifer was also good at, she sat full weight in forward and reverse. While in reverse she actually flexed her ass muscles repeatedly while crushing his face in her ass cheeks. Jennifer controlled his breathing and at times wouldn’t let him have air until she was ready to get off his face. Jennifer was flirty in her approach, but made chadam well aware the dangers he also got himself into, messing with her. Jennifer say on his chest full weight, then slide up pressing all her solid weight right directly onto his face. Chadam was getting destroyed, winded and certainly regrets what he asked her to do now. Chadam was in serious trouble nearing the end, as he tapped out, but Jennifer was having nothing to do with it. You can tell he was desperate for air, but Jennifer did not budge off his face. Just when she thought he was out, he made a sudden jerk like motion and his whole body went limp. We thought he was still awake, but when Jennifer got off, he spazed out with his whole body jerking about. We thought he was having a seizure. Chadam was actually snoring, Jennifer was rather surprised, and said “look at this”, ” I didn’t realize my ass was capable of this” As she stands beside him posing in her absolute 100% victory. Chadam came to afterwards, and also suffered a bad air deprivation headache from this clip. Jennifer is a ruthless man punisher.

cplpicsets SAV-051 Jennifer Thomas in: Brutal Bench Smothering


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