CMX-BM-99 Amazon Discipline

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
Full Video: 15 Minutes
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CMX-BM-99 Amazon Discipline

Cynara is quite well known for leaving people completely destroyed on the mats. Her size and weight are intimidating to most, and for the ones who go against her, soon realize they may have gotten themselves into something they will end up regretting. Chadam finds all of this out first hand, as Cynara is dressed in her one piece swim suit. Cynara is no stranger to inflicting pain, and chadam seems to be on the receiving end of most of it. Being a 6’2 amazon she has no troubles locking her long muscular thighs around his head and squeezing. Cynara does this multiple times, in multiple creative ways, crushing his head like a grape. She pins him with ease, trapping his arms in her thighs, and smothering the life out of him.  She verbally taunts and bashes him as he lay beneath her unable to escape. Chadam is in a world of trouble once again, as he is at the mercy of his amazon dom, totally helpless. Cynara uses forward, and reverse facesits, loads of pressure bearing scissors that have him seeing stars and more. Her finale was quite interesting she decided to sit sideways putting her massive thigh deep into his throat. She secures his arms and places all of her weight down into his neck. His face filled with absolute pain and got red instantly. Cynara didn’t stop applying pressure until she seen that he went out. This was one of our more unique KO’ to say the least. Leave it to Cynara to create a new way to put someone out.


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