CPL-CLS-047 Outdoor Gazebo Struggle

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Cynara was challenged by the sexy Ariel to an outdoor match in the gazebo. These 2 rivals have not done a lot of matches together, but the animosity for winning is quite high. Tension fills the air right from the start. it almost seemed as though Cynara was toying with Ariel, with her evil little smirk on her face as Ariel tries to take her down. Cynara grabs Ariel, drops to her back and catches her with a wicked body scissor, then turned it into a guillotine choke. Ariel was now becoming frustrated, and broke free, jumped on top of Cynara placing her right in a face sit pin. Cynara now realizing that Ariel was not playing around, things become more serious.

Cynara and Ariel exchange, body scissors, reverse face sits and face pounding forward face sitting. Each girl now growing more upset being trapped in one another’s holds. It just became real, emotions kick in, frustration levels grow, and tempers almost burst. One girl finally lays down the lay, and her opponent in a mix of painful and breath taking holds wearing her out. Finally one girl can’t take it anymore at all, and is made to give it all up and lay helplessly pinned and trapped between the better girls legs, admitting utter defeat.


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