KOA-067 Dual Assassin K.O.

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Tori and Feebee both team up and are out to seek punishment and to inflict severe pain on a victim. They found one. Chadam. Both girls are dressed in their skin tight leather outfits and leather boots. Basically they are ready to dish out pain. That is exactly what chadam received. Feebee and Tori both take turns scissoring chadam into submission, putting him out in the process. Chadam was K.O.’d over and over, getting boots to the throat choked, face sits then came his ultimate nightmare. Feebee traps chadam in a standing head scissor while tori ties his hands and arms behind his back.

Then Feebee ball gags chadam so he can’t speak or scream. Trust us, he needed it. Both tori and Feebee show him no mercy at all, as they tag team him. Chadam was literally in a world of trouble, with both girls now attacking him. With more scissors, face sits and being mauled, chadam was desperate. We have never seen him panic this much in a video. Ever. Tori and Feebee both think it’s time to end his pain and suffering as they smother him out one last painful time. Both girls now pose over him, proud of their accomplishment.


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