CMX-PAN-02 Little Miss Vicious

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Aubrey steps onto the mats for her first ever solo mixed match. We have seen her perform in a mixed match with her sister Arianne, but now she is alone. As she was changing she had seen the MMA gloves laying around and wanted to wear them in the match for the look. So of course we agreed not thinking anything of it. What Aubrey was with holding in her previous match, she was about to unleash hell in this one. Chadam has faced many opponents, but nothing compared to what newbie Aubrey was about to unleash. As they square off in the middle of the mats, Aubrey holds her up, looking quite determined. Chadam was not really sure how or what Aubrey was going to do after the three count. What came next was Aubrey lunging at chadam like a freight train, and slamming him down with a thud to the mats. Before he could even blink, Aubrey had him pinned to the mats in a super tight schoolgirl pin. She makes chadam struggle beneath her before going for the facesit. Aubrey maintains her balance as chadam tries escaping from under her. As he struggles Aubrey blurts out “come on pussy”, continuing to facesit him. He taps, and she does not give him much chance for air as she slams right back down onto his face. She leans down and gives him a few light jabs to his head saying “come on, lets go” as he still is unable to unseat his smaller opponent. Her facesitting becomes even more intense as he taps she keeps his face trapped under her, not allowing him to breathe now. When she finally gives him air, he has to shake it off, as he almost went out. Aubrey changes position from forward to reverse, as chadam still tries to catch his breath. Aubrey was just getting warmed up.  She pinned his arms to his side, uses her feet to cup his head, and rams her ass down hard onto his face. He tries rocking back and fourth seeing if that would throw her off balance, but it didn’t work. He taps and Aubrey leans back still in the facesit giving him a few more light to the head, telling him “let’s go”, wanting him to fight even harder. He was able to sneak in a few gasps of air, before Aubrey moves into position behind him. she lifts his head up as she sits behind him, and clamps her thighs around his neck. You can see her leg muscles rippling as she applies a great amount of force, actually turning his face instantly red. Chadam only had one arm to fight with as Aubrey held his other one high above his head, as she continues to squeeze. She rolls to her side, keeping the scissor on tight as he struggles now to stay conscious as he was tapping, Aubrey was not having it. Aubrey was going for the full blown KO. Her sadistic side has now just kicked in 100%. Chadam fights to stay awake, and now to even breathe, this scissor alone was causing damage itself, he was making noises we have never heard him make before. His fighting efforts paid off, as Aubrey releases the scissor and spins around quickly to end up right back in a tight schoolgirl pin. she was now sitting on his jaw, crushIng it with her pelvic bone, all the while making fun of him, giving him a few more jabs to the head. He was already wore out and winded, minimizing his ability to fight back as hard now. He was more focused on not being KO’d. Aubrey hammered on the facesits again, ignoring each of his taps for air. You can hear the panic in his voice as he gets a tiny breath here and there, but Aubrey made sure to seal that off quickly. Aubrey pounded his face repeatedly with near nose breaking facesits, doing whatever she could to render him . The facesitting must have felt like an eternity to chadam as he was fighting for his life to just stay awake. Aubrey whips back into reverse, and uses her go to move, cupping her feet around his face and head securing it so he could not move it. Then she slams her tight ass back down hard on his face, making sure to cut all of his air completely off. As chadam lay struggling beneath her, Aubrey punches him a few times in the stomach, stripping him of his manhood, as he takes a major blow to his ego. Aubrey the 18 yr old was hell bent on punishing chadam.  Chadams struggles were clear that he could no longer take this punishment and was tapping out. Hoping Aubrey would give him air, that was not the case, she just pressed down harder. Chadam tapped his hand in sheer panic mode now, and you could barely his muffled cries in her ass that he was quitting. He must have tried to say it 2-3 times, before Aubrey finally decided that he has had enough. Aubrey released him as he gulped in a huge amount of air, she sat back on him now in forward saying ” you quit now, you quit bitch”. Aubrey flexes her well toned and defined arms saying “I win” sitting proudly on her defeated and battered opponent. We have never seen a new girl this cold and vicious in their first ever mixed match. Chadam could not even last the full time for the clip, in fact he only lasted half the time. This girl is cute, strong as hell, and ice cold on the mats.  



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