CPL-STS-017 Had Enough Yet

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CPL-STS-017 Had Enough Yet

Arianne comes out dressed in literally painted on spandex pants and sports top, barefoot. Now as we all know she has quite the mouth on her, and loves to humiliate her opponents. She instantly flips him to the mats in a headlock take down then mounts his face quite easily. Arianne already lays in with the smack talk as she sits all over his face humiliating him. Chadam fights hard beneath her to escape but she pins his arms between her shins and locks him down tight. She continually facesits him sometimes just ignoring his measly taps for air. Then she uses full weight and plants her ass down squarely on his face making sure to press hard so he can’t get any air. She loves to look down and watch her victim suffer as he taps and struggles to get air. Her kinky smile on her face shows how sadistic she can be. she kicks her legs out straight adding more pressure and pain to his face. You can hear him writhe in pain and gaps as she allows him short breaths to get very minimal air. Arianne continues to punish him with full weight facesits, winding him severely before flipping around now in reverse. When she gets into reverse she says “lucky you, you get my ass” as she slams down onto his face. He practically begs her for air, as he is desperate to escape. Arianne will not let up and refuses to give him any air, and keeps his face locked in her ass cheeks. She spends quite a bit of time with his face trapped in her ass making sure he is truly exhausted and broken down. Arianne then transitions back into a forward to continue her facesitting and trash talking verbally humiliating chadam while smothering the life out of him. He made the mistake of talking back to her, so when he tapped she would not get off his face and really made him panic. she then uses her full weight facesit as her ultimate finisher as chadam tries to say he gives up but it’s muffled in her crotch. She slightly lifts up and he says ok i’m done, then Arianne says “no just one more” and lowers back down onto his face and flexes while smothering him. She then stands up and places her foot on him flexing both arms, while chadam tries to catch his breath all beaten and tattered on the mats.


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