KOA-0100 Wenona’s Double K.O.

Wenona had to take on Paige and Mariella at the same time. With her experience on the mats, she had no problem accepting this challenge. Little did the girls know what was in store for them nearing the end of the clip. Both Mariella and […]

KOA-012 Newbie Knockout

Feebee decided to bring her friend Mercedes to try out the wrestling. Well little did Feebee know that Mercedes was pretty strong. Both girls are around the same height and weight. Feebee wanted to show off in front of the camera, taking her friend down […]

PDS-221 Piledrivers and a Pounding

Trina was set on defeating Mia anyway she could. Today Mia was not so lucky. Trina is very strong and handled Mia with ease. Wrestling proved an easy task, while Trina smothered Mia with forward facesits, toying with her smaller opponent. Mia fought back but […]

PMF-036 Near Defeat

Today I took on the tough and larger Donna. I am alot taller than her, but this girl is powerful, and quite strong. I had a hard time controlling donna and she really made me work for submissions. Donna was able to make me submit […]

SCS-076 Cynara’s Evil Squeeze

Cynara went against Paige in a scissor battle. Paige thinks she is tough with her strong legs, so Cynara put her up to the test, by squeezing and scissoring Paige. Cynara certainly did not hold back, with her long muscular amazonian legs, as she clamps […]

CPL-NM-097 Feisty Little Facesitter

This is a battle between blondes and brunettes. Alayna is new on the scene and ready to take charge. She is a lot smaller than Mia, but she is built and ready to dish out some serious punishment. Mia certainly did not expect to spend […]

CPL-OO-13 Rosalei Rocks Paige

Rosalei comes to us looking to try out the wrestling. She is blond, fit, super hot so of course we obliged. She received about an hours worth of training before wanting to go against Paige. There is at least 25lb weight difference between them, but […]

FPP-011 Pinned Into Submission

Evangeline was on point today, ready to take on tough girl Paige. This match was a pin to submission, each girl pins the other until someone gives up. Alot of energy went into this match by both girls, alot of pride was on the line. […]

CPL-SS-761 Tell Me You Like Dirty Pussy

Sam and Sara are back at it once again. Sara is very dominant and enjoys nothing more than riding Sam’s face, making her suffer beneath her. Sam really did not want to be trapped under Sara, but it seemed as though her efforts were just […]