SJM-PCV-050 Sams premier pincount competition

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SJM-PCV-050 Sam’s premier pin count competition-

We have now filmed Sam in her FIRST EVER pin count match. We decided to pit her against the smallest girl here, Aubrey. This may not have been the smartest idea, for Sam’s sake. Aubrey is our lightweight champion, she is fast, full of endurance, and yes, she is tough, very. Sam’s plan going into this was to clearly to use her weight against Aubrey and overtake her every fall. That was her plan, but it did not turn out that way for her, sadly. Aubrey however got the jump off on Sam, pinning her the first fall. Sam didn’t make it easy having lifted her shoulder making Aubrey start over. The second fall, well Sam got Aubrey this time, once on top, Aubrey stood no chance of even lifting her shoulders. The competition heats up, with both girls actually scoring pin counts. It was certainly a lot of work for Sam to keep up with Aubrey, as her speed and endurance was overpowering Sam’s.

Aubrey even cheated pinning Sam in forward, then flipping around in reverse, sitting her ass right on Sam’s mouth and counting her out, twice in a row. Sam retaliated back doing the same to Aubrey. That seemed to have triggered Aubrey and her viciousness began to kick in. With each take down she threw Sam to the mats, and was lightning fast about getting on top and securing her down. Sam was winded, her face flushed with exhaustion as her smaller foe starts to dominate the pins. Aubrey sat high and Sam, some even on her mouth just to make it harder for Sam to escape, and she enjoyed pinning and sitting on her bigger opponent humiliating her.

Sam was devastated as she was being over taken by such a smaller girl, and she literally had no energy left to fight back. Aubrey pinned Sam down, and actually made HER count while Aubrey sat proudly on Sam’s chin keeping her pinned, humiliating her at the same time. Close to the end, Sam barely even had any strength to even get back up and restart as Aubrey kept pouncing on her, keeping Sam firmly pinned to the mats. It looked as though Sam was almost in tears as she gets dominated by a much smaller and lighter girl. Obviously size does not matter here, this match came down to endurance, speed and skill. Aubrey buried Sam on the mats, but we give credit to Sam for attempting her very first pin count match. Aubrey was just too quick and agile, yet her strength was something to reckon with.

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