CPL-SJ-47 Sexy Smother Goddess

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Alayna is back on the mats looking to humiliate yet anther opponent. Mia steps up right away. I mean can you blame Mia? We think she likes being smothered by Alayna. She is a dominating sitter, and seems to enjoy riding Mia’s face literally into submission. She smothers hard, showing no remorse, and even uses her tight firm ass as a smothering weapon too. Mia is engulfed in her ass cheeks, being deprived of air, having to tap out multiple times.

Alayna’s smothering is sexy as hell, it’s seductive, yet somewhat erotic, just watching her facial expressions say it all. Mia is left gasping on the mats, as this super hot blonde dominates, humiliates and smothers her senseless. If you like to watch an extremely gorgeous blonde overpower, and dominate in a one sided face sitting extravaganza, this video is exactly what you want.


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  1. Alayna has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that Purple SportsBra & Purple Shorts i absolutely love Alayna’s Front & Reverse Facesits on Mia!

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