SJM-SPS-23 Ariannes Prostyle Revenge

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SJM-SPS-23 Ariannes Prostyle Revenge


Well if you recall the sister’s last match, Aubrey defeated her older sister, and in a humiliating fashion at that. Well Arianne is on her game today, and is coming into this with a good strategy in hopes she can punish and beat her little step-sister. They line up, Arianne looking cocky, then Aubrey gets the jump. Taking Arianne down, Aubrey actually breast smothers her on the way down holding Arianne’s face tight in her breasts. On her back she goes, as Aubrey slides up securing a tight schoolgirl pin, turned face sit. Arianne struggles under her little step-sister looking to escape, and the trash talking begins. Aubrey got a little too confident as Arianne shoves her off her throwing her to the mats. Quickly getting up, Arianne sneaks behind her step-sister and locks on a rear naked choke.

She pulls up multiple times straining Aubrey’s neck while applying the hold. Arianne goes to roll onto her back but Aubrey escapes, jumping on her. As she turns into reverse Aubrey says “you want some ass, here get some ass, eat this” as she facesits Arianne. Now Arianne fights for air stuck in her sisters ass now being smothered. Aubrey then gets up giving her step-sister a chance to fight back, and she did just that. Arianne slams Aubrey to the mats, and jumps on her in a pin. Now it was payback time, Arianne uses a forward face sit to wear down Aubrey, telling her to choke on her pussy now. Aubrey panics desperately wanting to break free.

Arianne switches to reverse but catches Aubrey off guard grabbing her by the hair pulling her to her feet. Now hoisting her step-sister up into a piledriver, she gets her up, then immediately slams her to the mats. Aubrey lays there stunned as Arianne stomps her boot over and over into Aubrey’s back telling her to stay down. Arianne then uses her leg lock, headlock chicken wing combo hold that has Aubrey secured tight.

After a few minutes Aubrey gets loose, and does practically a somersault and landed on Arianne in reverse. Quickly Aubrey locks on her tight smothering reverse figure four making Arianne scream out. Aubrey cranks on the scissors and shakes her ass in Arianne’s face humiliating her. You can tell it was frustrating Arianne, and she was desperate to get out and unleash on her sister. After Aubrey really amping up the power on her scissors Arianne was at her breaking point. She managed to flip Aubrey over and as she did that, she ends up in reverse on Aubrey. Arianne pays her step-sister back by shaking her ass in Aubrey’s face twerking on it. She even grabs Aubrey by the hair and pulls her face into her ass while she shakes it. Arianne stands up grabbing Aubrey to her feet and sets up again for another piledriver saying “I have had enough of your fuckin mouth” and lifts her up.

Aubrey then goes crashing head first into the mats and is dazed. Arianne sits back and waits taunting Aubrey telling her to come at her. Aubrey sprang up and throws Arianne face first into the mats, totally catching her off guard not expecting that. Aubrey grabs both of her sisters arms putting them behind her and getting her into a butterfly pin. Aubrey then clamps her legs around Arianne’s head in a figure four butterfly pin. Aubrey squeezes her step-sister into submission over and over as she can only tap now with her feet. Aubrey releases the hold and launches herself down onto Arianne and uses a vicious breast smother that nearly breaks her sisters nose. Not caring at all, she does it again this time combining it with an intense grapevine that had Arianne literally screaming wildly in pain. Aubrey switches to a crossbody pin, that was very short lived. Arianne rocked herself and flung Aubrey off her. They both get to their feet and charge at each other catching themselves in a double clothesline as they both fall to the mats. They lay there in pain, trying to recover then go at it again.

Slowly getting to their knees Arianne grabs Aubrey by the back of her head and pulls her face into her tits smothering her. then Arianne lays down and humiliates Aubrey making her motor boat her tits. Now Arianne begins to dominate using breast smothers and a body scissor before getting to her feet again. Aubrey knew what was coming and that was Arianne lifting her up again into yet another kick ass pile driver. when Aubrey hit the mats, she was disoriented as Arianne climbs onto her back getting her into a camel clutch. After stretching her step-sister backwards, Arianne stands up trapping Aubrey head between her thighs in a standing head scissor. After squeezing her head getting some taps, Aubrey threw Arianne way off balance sending her to the mats. Making her way into reverse, Aubrey climbs onto Arianne’s face and says “that’s what you get bitch” as she buries her sisters face in her ass now. She stays in reverse for a bit before flipping into forward and locking on a rolling scissor.

As Arianne fights to break free she is still trapped in Aubrey’s head scissor. Aubrey was now on her back doing what she could to keep Arianne in the scissor. She finally breaks free and gets Aubrey in a matchbook pin folding her in two, then steps on her arms to pin them. Arianne could see that Aubrey was running out of energy as she drags her on the mats then slowly climbs on top of her pinning her down then face sitting her. Aubrey’s struggles were becoming much weaker, and she was stuck under her older sibling now. Arianne gets up grabbing Aubrey again by the hair as Aubrey mumbles no, no knowing what was going to happen to her. Arianne tricked her and pushes Aubrey onto her stomach. This time Arianne puts on a reverse head scissor while Aubrey lay flat on her stomach.

She squeezes almost every ounce of power she had left as she then picks her step-sister up saying” this, is the end” bringing her up for one last piledriver. When Aubrey hit this time, she went out, leaving Arianne saying ” go to rest bitch” posing, flexing and celebrating her every so sweet victory against her smaller vicious little step-sister. A much deserved win, let’s just hope that Aubrey will not be looking for revenge. Well we know that won’t happen, Arianne better watch out.

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