SJM-CUS-002 Aubreys New Punching Bag

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SJM-CUS-002 Aubreys New Punching Bag

Aubrey already had Sam pinned down as she tells her that she has found a new way to beat her up. Sam was like “oh yeah what’s that?” Aubrey looks down at her and says “boxing gloves”. Sam agrees not knowing quite how it was going to turn out. Aubrey gets off her, and grabs the boxing gloves then makes herself comfortable in a schoolgirl pin as she puts the gloves on. As she puts the gloves on Sam says ” I’m ready” sounding quite confident. Aubrey replies to the camera and says ” she thinks she’s ready”, and lets out an evil little laugh. Looking down at Sam she says ” you know what bitch, you wanted this, so here it comes”. Aubrey gives Sam a few light hits to the head with her right hand, and Sam is beginning to wonder if she got herself into something she shouldn’t have. Aubrey gives her a few more left right jabs to the head as Sam lets out some oww’s with each hit.

Laughing at her, Aubrey verbally taunts and teases Sam giving her more hits to the head. Barely into the match, Sam is already telling Aubrey to stop, but to her that means GO. So she continues to pummel Sam in the head each blow landing rattling Sam’s brains around in her head. Aubrey keeps Sam tightly pinned to the mats, as Sam begs her to stop over and over. Aubrey was just getting into it, and had plans of stopping. Aubrey gives Sam a bit of a break with the head shots, and digs her crotch deep into her throat pushing her head back far instead. Sam continually begged for her to stop, yelling she submits and all, Aubrey ignored her pleases and cries. When filmed from behind, Aubrey became rather vicious with the hits and went almost non stop hitting Sam in the head and face now. She dug her crotch into Sam’s throat again pushing as hard as she could,

Sam nearly in tears. Aubrey was mean and unforgiving in this clip, belittling Sam, making fun of her, asking if she was going to cry now, wanting her to cry. Filming again from the front, Aubrey switches between crotch chokes and punching. Sam must have said she quit over 30 times in the video, and at the end, Aubrey finally stopped hitting her. Aubrey looked down at Sam and said ” see I am stronger than you,” and Sam admits she is stronger. Aubrey told Sam to say it louder, as Sam belts out “YOUR STRONGER”, please don’t hit me anymore. Just for fun Aubrey gives her one last shot to the head before laughing and flexing, saying “I’m stronger”. Sam sustained quite a headache after this match, and we are pretty sure she won’t do this sort of clip again, at least not with Aubrey.



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  1. Aubrey has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those sexy bra & panties & i absolutely love her Schoolgirl Pin on Sam!

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