BWW-009 Competitive Young vs Old

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Bella and the great Kristie Etzold are back showcasing their awesome wrestling skills. Kristie has a weight advantage over Bella, and more experience on the mats, but Bella is ready to show Kristie what she is made of. Bella tries to charge right at Kristie, but Kristie keeps Bella at bay, using her weight to her advantage, and gets Bella in a reverse headlock, cranking Bella’s neck until they both go to the mats. Kristie strategically gets on top of Bella, and uses both arms to secure a head lock now, keeping her weight distributed on Bella. Kristie tightens the headlock and buries Bella’s face in her tits, until Bella could no longer breathe, nor move and had to submit. First fall was quick, going to Kristie. Bella and Kristie hit the mats again, and Bella does what she can to get her legs around Kristie trying to prevent her from getting the mount.

Kristie lays on top of Bella in a cross body fashion, as Bella goes into defensive mode. Kristie continues to spin around on Bella, desperately trying to get her into a headscissor. Seeing she is unable to do so, Kristie spreads herself out across Bella, getting the crossbody pin completely on. This time she counts Bella out, gaining another point. the next take down was a quick one, Kristie easily sees an opening and traps Bella in a headscissor. This time Kristie makes Bella fight to get out, f0rcing her to use more of her energy. With Bella panting harder, Kristie tightens the grip and squeezes, Bella submits again. Bella’s next take down she comes out fighting fierce, wanting that submission sneaking behind Kristie. Just when Bella thought she had the upper hand, Kristie had trapped both Bella’s legs between hers, and merely just scissored them to where it caused Bella to tap. Bella still had plenty of fight left in her and tries to dominate and over take Kristie yet again, but she was unable to secure any hold on Kristie. This time Kristie lands on top in reverse on Bella, and she makes her way back towards Bella’s face. As she fights to get a facesit on, Bella uses her arms to keep Kristie from doing so, you can hear Bella grunting and moaning hard doing whatever she could to get Kristie off her.

Unfortunately Bella’s arms gave way, and she lost all her power holding Kristie with them. Kristie then moves back more, and looks to her right and left side, seeing that Bella was pinned tight to the mats, she counts her out again. Bella bridges, bucks and even tries to unseat Kristie by bringing her legs up, but nothing worked. Next fall has Kristie using her arm strength and gets Bella into a guillotine choke, Bella lasted for longer than expected but ended up submitting to it. With each fall, Bella fought with all her strength, locked her legs around Kristie’s waist trying for a body scissor. Kristie scoops under Bella’s head instead, and plants her tits in Bella’s face smothering her into submission. The next fall is surprising, as Kristie ends up on her butt trying to ward off Bella, but she was too quick for Kristie. She moves fast getting around Kristie’s legs and into a reverse pin.

With all her might, Bella keeps her bigger opponent secured down to the mats, and moves in for a reverse facesit. With Kristie’s face buried in Bella’s ass, she taps out fairly quickly. Once last fall was called they both go at each other and Kristie catches Bella between her legs and as they fall , Kristie goes all out, legs around Bella’s ribs and squeezes. Pulling her head into her chest, Kristie finds the right footing, locking her ankles together and she gets the final tap. With both girls out of breath, they high five each other saying awesome match.

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  1. Was a fan of hers back in the day, nice to see she’s still active but doesn’t quite have the same fire as when she was younger. Of course, none of us do I guess 😉

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