CPL-MKT-6 Bellas Tied Victory

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CPL-MKT-6 Bellas Tied Victory  This match between Paige and Bella starts off with both of their feet tied, and they sit back to back.  On the count of three both girls try to untie their feet, but Paige reaches around and gets Bella in a headlock with one arm, using her other to try and untie her feet. But Bella was quick on the draw, and managed to get her feet untied and stopped Paige from completely undoing hers. From there Bella reverses the hold and traps Paige in a rear naked choke. She holds this for quite some time, waiting for Paige to tire out, and used her rope to her advantage. Bella manages to get one of Paiges wrists tied, then finally grabs the other. Paige struggles desperately to not get tied, but Bella poured on the pressure and squeezed Paige around the waist each time she moved. Bella then secured both of Paige’s wrists together, quite tightly and from there it was all down hill for her. Bella then moves into a forward facesit that probably seemed to last an eternity for Paige. Paige’s arms were trapped above her head as Bella easily kept her pinned to the mats, punishing her with facesit after facesit. Bella even decides to just lounge on Paige’s face and sits full weight, using her face as her new seat. Paige was utterly humiliated as her much younger opponent dominated her with ease. Bella turns into reverse and gives Paige a dose of reverse facesitting now. You can see that Paige is wore down from the struggle and all the air deprivation she suffered. Bella also clamps on quite a unique reverse figure four headscissor that had Paige’s arms in an awkward position. Paige’s face was driven into Bella’s ass with each squeeze she delivered. Obviously tired and beaten, there was little left for Paige to do now except to submit to her smaller, yet valiantly stronger opponent. This was quite a humiliating loss to say the least for Paige, as she lay breathless and a mess after the match.


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  1. Bella has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that Bikini & i absolutely love the way Bella has Paige’s Wrists tied above her head in a Front & Reverse Facesit!

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