CPL-GN-444 Dutch Pinning Goddess

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Trina brought her 18yr old friend, Anouk. She stands 5’9 and is a beautiful dutch goddess. Anouk has some hidden strength and power that is deceiving. Trina found out the hard way, literally as Anouk slams her to the mats right from the beginning. Trina is much larger than Anouk, but Anouk knew how to pin. Securing Trina’s arms beneath her shins, she pressed down so hard into them, Trina was actually left with bruises after the match. Anouk took great enjoyment staring down into her bigger slaves face, trapped in her smooth powerful thighs, pinning her with ease.

Ramming her crotch hard into Trina’s throat, she was literally choking the life out of her, as her face turned a dark deep red, unable to barely breathe. to make matters worse, Anouk did a reverse facesit, ramming Trina’s nose deep into her ass crack. You can tell that Trina was utterly humiliated and embarrassed by this clip. Anouk facesat Trina quite a bit, until the very end, where Trina had to admit her loss. This clip just proves that size doesn’t matter, Anouk loved every second of this.


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  1. Hello,
    I’m interested to know about Trina. Why she is inactive. I want more videos of her. And I was looking for her nude fight. Please let me know when her new videos are coming?
    Thank you max

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