ACTIVE: NO Height: 5’8 Weight: 120 lbs Wrestling skills: fem fem, mixed, Favorite moves: facesitting, schoolgirl pins  


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Anouk & Trina vs Chadam Here is a gallery of photos taken from an unreleased match with 18yr old Anouk, and Trina taking on chadam. Anouk is very new to the game but picks up quickly and learns from Trina. When it’s Anouk’s turn to […]

Anouk & Trina vs Chadam- Gallery

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Anouk the dutch goddess is back once again. Trina was her victim of choice as last time she easily beat her larger foe, hoping to replicate it once again. It seems as though Trina stands no chance in defending herself against this tough goddess. trina […]

CPL-DP-005 Anouk’s SGP Attack

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Trina brought her 18yr old friend, Anouk. She stands 5’9 and is a beautiful dutch goddess. Anouk has some hidden strength and power that is deceiving. Trina found out the hard way, literally as Anouk slams her to the mats right from the beginning. Trina […]

CPL-GN-444 Dutch Pinning Goddess

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