PDS-221 Piledrivers and a Pounding

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Trina was set on defeating Mia anyway she could. Today Mia was not so lucky. Trina is very strong and handled Mia with ease. Wrestling proved an easy task, while Trina smothered Mia with forward facesits, toying with her smaller opponent. Mia fought back but her attempts went literally un noticed. Trina then picked Mia up and delivered her very first piledriver on Mia. After Mia came to she had no idea what happened. From there, Trina was able to Tombstone her, and get in a few more pile drivers, totally stunning Mia. Between the wresting, smothering, and piledrivers, Mia had no idea what hit her. Watch Trina in action and see her raw true power being used in this clip.



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