SCS-084 Delivered Domination

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Cynara and Mia meet again on the mats, after almost a 2 year hiatus. There is still a bit of bad , and Cynara certainly takes it out on Mia. This is a 3 tap style challenge between them, in order to give them both a fighting chance. Seems as though Cynara was not going to need much of a chance against Mia. As they lock up, they fight for top position, and Cynara goes down, with Mia having the slight upper hand. Well so she thought. Cynara easily locks her up in a guillotine choke/body scissor combo and she squeezes and chokes Mia forcing 3 taps out of her in a row. Mia becomes cocky at some points, but Cynara was going to show her what it’s like to lose, badly. Cynara was quick on her feet, tossing and man handling Mia like a little rag doll. Mia was subjected to all types of head scissors, finding herself in a lot of agony always tapping out. Mia was also humiliated by getting trapped in standing scissors, and at one point Cynara tried to lift Mia up, but instead decides to give her a massive wedgie, also making Mia tap out. Mia lost her bra in the whole melee of things, but she manages to get on top at least once.

For a brief period she gets Cynara to actually tap out using a hand over mouth smother. Mia only ever gets Cynara down one more time, only to have Cynara toss her off. Now finding herself in a brutal body scissor. Mia was getting her ass handed to her. Cynara shows absolutely no mercy at all in this clip towards Mia. Mia was exhausted, beaten, hurting and very much humiliated. Watching Cynara dominate Mia is a spectacular site. Cynara uses her femme fatales weapons, her immense breasts to really smother Mia and make her almost panic from no air. they have a lot of banter going on in the match, and in the end Cynara actually uses Mia’s own bra to smother her. She rams it into her mouth, literally and finally Mia was forced to submit to her amazon goddess.

cplpicsets SCS-084 Delivered Domination


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