SCS-076 Cynara’s Evil Squeeze

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1x1-pixel SCS-076 Cynara's Evil Squeeze
Cynara went against Paige in a scissor battle. Paige thinks she is tough with her strong legs, so Cynara put her up to the test, by squeezing and scissoring Paige. Cynara certainly did not hold back, with her long muscular amazonian legs, as she clamps them around Paige’s neck and tightens her grip. Paige was turning as red as her own shorts. Cynara’s vice like grip practically had Paige in tears a few times as her power was immense and too over bearing for Paige to handle. Cynara switches it up from reverse figure four scissors, to straight legged reverse trapping Paige tight into her ass cheeks as she forces multiple taps and submissions from Paige.
Paige looks up at the camera a few times in hopes that this scissor assault was soon to be over with. With each squeeze, Cynara always smirked and laughed at the pain Paige was suffering. Cynara scissored Paige one after another, always switching it up, punishing Paige every way possible. Paige could not take the pain, and almost going out a few times, she finally submits the match.
1x1-pixel SCS-076 Cynara's Evil Squeeze

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  1. I was surprised by the low quality of this video, this is my only complaint. This video is a good one anyway.

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