KOA-0122 Facesitting Championship K.O.

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Sara Brooke is challenged by the tough Paige for the face sitting championship match. Sara is very skilled on the mats, and sizes up Paige before they begin. Sara and Paige both step onto the mats wearing thongs and bras getting into the starting position. They start being very strategic looking for the upper hand when they lock up. Sara has no idea the power of Paige until she pins her down and traps her in a face sit. Paige struggles beneath Sara, but has to tap for air. Sara was then taken by surprise as Paige gets angered going down first. Paige pushes up hard shoving Sara back, but Sara uses a full weight control hold, sitting on Paige’s chest literally crushing the wind right out of her. Staying low, Sara prevents Paige from escaping and inches her way back up slowly, getting Paige in another inescapable face sit. Sara talks smack to Paige as she continues to smother her. As Paige bucks and squirms, she is completely trapped and at Sara’s mercy.

Now frustrated Paige muster’s up some serious power and literally tosses Sara back onto her ass. With no hesitation, Paige jumps on Sara paying back the face sitting favor now. Sara’s face is now buried in Paige’s pussy as she blocks Sara from breathing, now making Sara tap. Paige lifts up and only allows Sara to get a small breath before going right back down. Sara rocks her way out of the face sit, and mounts Paige in reverse now. Keeping Paige’s arms pinned tight, Paige finds herself again beneath Sara tapping in her reverse face sit now. After making Paige tap a lot, she easily maneuvers into a forward face sit again. Paige was feeling the exhaustion as was Sara.

They both go back and fourth trying to secure as many taps as possible, Paige pummeling Sara with hot reverse face sits, burying Sara’s face deep in her ass. Sara manages to get the upper hand near the end, and stays on top of Paige keeping the pressure on now. Paige is winded, tired, and dominated by the more obvious stronger girl, Sara. Paige taps out hoping for Sara to just end the match, but she just taunts Paige and gives her one last grueling face sit this time not allowing Paige any air. Seeing her legs rock back and fourth, her momentum slows tapping her hands, then Paige goes motionless. Sara still practically stays sitting on her face and strikes a sexy pose over the now beaten and battered Paige.

cplpicsets KOA-0122 Facesitting Championship K.O.

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