CPL-SM-32 Grapplers Paradise

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CPL-SM-32 Grapplers Paradise  This was quite a competitive match between veteran wrestler Cynara, taking on the skilled Arianne. They both are dressed in their wrestling singlets ready to give it all they have. This was for who ever was able to get the most taps/submissions. The action was fast and quick paced, yet moves were calculated and painful.  Arianne was certainly putting it all on the line going into a full blown match with her bigger amazonian rival. To Cynara’s surprise, Arianne was able to sustain quite a few of the holds Cynara put on her, and fought through the pain. Arianne also dished out some interesting yet skilled holds herself and managed to outwit her bigger opponent getting taps as well. There were body scissor arm lock taps, a very quick witted rear naked choke, bodscissor that caught Cynara off guard and more. You can hear the heavy breathing starting as the match progressed, almost looking as though Cynara was running out of steam, tapping into her reserves just to continue her fight with Arianne. There was also a great hand over mouth submission, something not normally seen in a competitive style match. Arianne scores with a facesit, while Cynara uses her legs to her advantage. Both girls fight hard, and we are quite surprised on how many taps there are in this short match. Cynara better be careful going into this type of match with Arianne in the future, as she just may get over powered and beat. We were rather shocked how many real submissions were scored from both girls. A well deserved match, and one that will sure please grappling enthusiasts.


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