SAV-028 Mariella the Mean Grappler

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SAV-028 Mariella the Mean Grappler  Arianne and Mariella meet in their very first encounter. Mariella has been on hiatus for 9 months and is returning to do some damage and show that she still has what it takes. Both girls are dressed in jiu jitsu gi’s and are ready for the ultimate grappling match. Since Mariella has been gone for quite a while, she was a bit rusty, and Arianne wanted to prey on that. Once they start, it’s looking rather good for Mariella, trapping Arianne in an arm bar submission, then directly into a headscissor armbar combo. Mariella keeps Arianne pinned in a sgp until she figures out her next striking move. Now rolling her onto her back, Mariella grabs Arianne’s arms, places her feet under her chin and forces backwards, making Arianne yelp in pain. Transitioning into her next hold, Arianne bursts out, and throws Mariella onto her stomach. Quickly grabbing her legs, she does a leg lock, armbar, headlock combo that has Mariella writhing in pain to get out. After releasing that hold, Arianne pays back Mariella by sitting on her back, grabbing her arms, and putting her feet under her chin, now rocking backwards pulling Mariella’s head high up. Arianne lets go of that hold, and gets Mariella now in a double armbar lock, ramming her knee into the back of her head. The intensity grows between both girls, each showcasing their grappling skills on one another. The match goes back and fourth, each girl gaining submissions and tap outs, with rear naked chokes, figure four headscissors, and more, but Mariella was worried about losing her first time back. As Arianne was on her stomach, Mariella locked on the same leg lock, arm bar submission that Arianne did to her, and in the melee of things, Arianne lost her gi belt. Mariella quickly grabbed it and tied Arianne’s feet together. Now unable to use her legs, Mariella over powers Arianne pinning her down, strategically planning her hopeful win. As Arianne struggles to break free from beneath Mariella, She found herself now in a superbly applied tight reverse straight legged headscissor. Now squeezing over and over, Mariella really tired out Arianne, making her face turn flush, Arianne tapping quicker and quicker. Now knowing Arianne was in pain, she was dominating this match and in full control. Arianne struggled to break free, but she knew there was no escaping. Mariella quickly turned Arianne onto her stomach again, placed her arms behind her back, took off her own gi belt and tied her hands up tightly. Mariella put the finishing touches on Arianne and hog tied her up so she couldn’t move at all. Arianne knew she was finished, but Mariella certainly wasn’t done. She rolled Arianne onto her back, hog tied and all, and facesat Arianne and did not get off until Arianne went out. Mariella proudly sits on Arianne posing over her beaten foe.



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