SAV-046 Sarah Brooke in: The Facesit Exchange

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Arianne and Sarah face off for the very first time in this match. Arianne knows how tough and strong Sarah is, so she goes into this match a little intimidated. Never the less, Arianne won’t back down from a match regardless. Sarah steps out wearing a shiny blue brazilian cut thong, Arianne her cheetah print bootie shorts. As each get to their knees and ready to face off, the room fills with suspense and excitement. Arianne lunges striaght towards Sarah, grabbing her in a headlock, desperate to get her down first. Sarah easily maintains her balance, forcing Ariann down to her back. Sarah jumps on top, doing what she can to secure Arianne and keep her from escaping. Jumping on top, Sarah mounts Arianne in a tight schoolgirl pin, puts Arianne’s arms above her head locks them tight between her thighs and moves up into a facesit as she giggles smothering Arianne. Keeping her trapped now, Arianne struggles beneath Sarah fighting for air, as Sarah just toys with her verbally taunting and humiliating her. Arianne manages to escape and throw Sarah off her, now taking the opportunity to get on top. Arianne wasted no time and goes right for the facesit. Sarah’s muffled cries now literally go unheard under Arianne’s ass and crotch. Arianne uses a reverse facesit and shakes her ass all over Sarah’s face, loving every minute of her domination over her. The action goes back and fourth each girl applying perfectly executed forward and reverse facesits, each girl becoming winded and short of breath the longer the match goes on. One girl starts to wear down, and her fight becomes more futile, having suffered an onslaught of facesits. Sarah truly enjoyed being on top, in control dominating her younger opponent. Arianne was at the mercy now of Sarah, as her nose is engulfed in Sarah’s pussy lips, with no escape in sight. Sarah utilizes the reverse facesit, with Arianne grabbing at her ass trying to unseat her, as Sarah continues to laugh and giggle at Arianne. With no chance for escape, Sarah was in a forward facesit, further humiliating Arianne as she asks her if she submits, Arianne refusing. Sarah tehn says that she will make her suffer, planting her pussy down her pussy lips sealing all of Arianne’s air, until finally Arianne could not take it and quits. Sarah continues to hover over her face as she poses flexing and smiling over her beaten foe.



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