CPL-VMH-5 Showdown In The Gym

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CPL-VMH-5 Showdown In The Gym  Havana and Arianne meet in this showdown of a match at the gym. Arianne has the experience, but Havana is no pushover and is quite powerful, especially her pins and thighs. Havana gets tossed quickly to the mats and Arianne begins hurling insults while facesitting Havana. she shakes, wiggles and grinds her pussy into Havana’s face making her tap over and over for air. Then switching into reverse Arianne dominates with reverse facesitting, and still trash talking Havana. You can see the struggle that Havana puts up trying to escape. Now Havana is in a world of trouble as Arianne pays down and locks on her infamous reverse straight leg head scissor. Havana’s face gets squashed in Arianne’s thick muscular thighs and is destined to get out. As Arianne went to reposition herself, she put her head too low, and Havana grabbed it with her legs and flipped Arianne off her, reversing the scissor. Now it was Havana’s turn to inflict pain on Arianne. She applied a very tight and painful reverse figure four, making Arianne squeal out on pain. Slowly Havana broke Arianne down enough to release the hold and spin around into a schoolgirl pin. From there she slid up into a facesit and did numerous before switching back into reverse again. Punishing Arianne more now with straight leg and figure fours, it look’s as though she has a tight grip on Arianne and is in charge of her.  Havana then resorts to more forward facesitting, until Arianne manages to finally escape. Now Havana is on her back with Arianne trash talking and smothering her again.  She uses more facsits and scissors trying to break down and wear out her smaller opponent. But as Arianne rolled onto her back with Havana locked in her thighs, she broke free and jumps on top once again. This time Havana wanted to stay in control and wasted no time smothering and scissoring Arianne into near submission. With forward and reverse scissors, facesitting Arianne was on the brink of losing. Havana sat in forward in a facesit and sat on Arianne’s face repeatedly until she conceded the match to her. Havana then sits proudly on Arianne’s throat gloating and flexing her sculpted arm muscles. What a close call victory, this time in Havana’s favor.


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