CPL-PRL-003 Sexually Dominated

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CPL-PRL-003 Sexually Dominated


2 thoughts on “CPL-PRL-003 Sexually Dominated”

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW, this is an incredibley sexy video. I am a massive fan of Arianne and usually you will see this see Arianne dominate her matches and make the other girls suffer under her facesits, however, as with the previous video with Mia ( Tell me you love it ) we see Arianne being dominated like never before.
    It starts with Arianne and Mia wrestling for position and dominance, both girls trying to get the upper hand any way they can. As the fight goes on Mia starts to take control and has Arianne pinned down. Immediately Mia starts to wear Arianne down with some facesitting but also by pulling Arianne’s panties so far up you can literally see Arianne’s pussy lips as the material disappears up her. Arianne lets out cries of pain but if forced by Mia to say she wants it harder, to which Mia yanks her bottoms even further up, cutting into Arianne’s pussy and making her yelp in pain. But that’s not it, not by far. Mia wanted to sexually punish and humiliate Arianne. As Arianne tries to escape this embarrassing position she is not used to being in Mia catches her legs and whilst sitting on Arianne she reaches back to the already exposed pussy lips of Arianne and grabs and pinches Arianne’s pussy, at one point i am Sure Mia’s thumb actually goes inside Arianne’s pussy.
    More facesitting from Mia and we see Arianne getting tired and humiliated is taking her energy and she has little fight back against Mia.
    Mia still not content on how much she is embarrassing the normally dominant Arianne. So Mia then decides to remove her panties exposing her bare pussy. Mia then dominates Arianne by sitting on her face with her bare pussy and makes Arianne taste her pussy with her lips. This sexy facesitting continues and Arianne is helpless under Mia and forced to taste Mia’s bare pussy over her face.

    This is one of the sexiest videos CPL have produced in my opinion and 100% must purchase. Especially if you are a fan of Arianne and want to see her dominated or also a fan of Mia and you like to see Mia dominating other girls. Amazing work, buy buy buy,,, you wont be disappointed

    Thank you CPL,, MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE 🙂 especially with Arianne or her Sister Aubrey 🙂

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