STS-001 Sexually Charged in Spandex

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Raven Wild likes to live up to her name, being wild and very sexual. Raven likes to combine pleasure with pain, and to always dominate and be in control. Raven’s combination in this video of being aggressive and yet seeking her own sexual desires is quite amazing. As they start off, Raven is quick on the draw tossing chadam to the mats and using a tight schoolgirl pin facesit. Raven’s tongues is just as sharp as her wrestling skills, as she verbally bashes, taunts and makes fun of chadam for being weak. She exerts her dominance over him keeping the facesit on, and barely letting him have a breath when he taps. As he fights for air she says ” cmon get me off you little bitch”, as she grabs her pussy while facesitting him. Raven then uses a seated facesit, watching as his face turns red, all the while getting more and more turned on. When he taps, she reaches down and tells him to open his eyes then asks “do you want air? “, “then scream for it”. On the brink of going out, he screams and she allows him air, but not for long. She continues her facesitting rampage, then uses forward, and reverse scissors. Chadam’s head was being squashed between her perfectly built thighs, making him fight to break free, inflicting as much carnage on him as she could. She mounts his face in a reverse facesit, and squeezes his nipples ever so hard, making him scream into her pussy, driving her, well, absolutely wild. there was no escaping her facesits, or scissors, and she was using chadam’s face to simply pleasure herself. she made him grab her ass while in reverse, as he screams into her pussy over and over. Every once in a while she grabbed her own pussy, checking to see if she actually busted. she sits on him in forward full weight and uses her feet, ramming them into his throat watching him panic under her. Her variations of facesits, full weight, forward and reverse were literally breath taking, as she belittles him throughout the entire clip breaking him down into a worthless man. Raven was so worked up, and sexually charged she totally forgot he was under her as she was getting off on his face. Nearing the end he had no energy, as the breath deprivation was overwhelming she decided it was nap time for him. Climbing onto his face one last time in forward, she kept telling him go to sleep, but he fought hard and escaped once to get air. We ll Raven was not having that, she got pretty angry and slams back down onto his face, looking down at him saying “go to sleep, just go to sleep”. Holding his arms firmly he had no way of pushing her off, and he ends up drifting off under her, as she looks up into the camera flexing and blows a kiss before the camera fades off.

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