CPL-RSC-05 Smothering Her Roommate

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CPL-RSC-05 Smothering Her Roommate Raven was sick and tired of coming home to her sloppy unsanitary roommate, Bella. She is lazy and useless as a room mate, and Raven has had enough of her. Raven enters the pool room to find Bella just lounging around in the steam room quickly rinsing off before she was going to go swimming. As raven is approaching her, she picks up some of Bella’s towels left all over the place, and whips them at her while she was in the steam room. From there Raven and Bella exchange words before Raven tosses her sorry ass to the floor, and begins a tirade of smothering facesits on her. Bella’s pleases go unanswered as Raven  shuts her up by using forward and reverse facesits, and to take it a few steps further, Raven was getting off on her face as well. Bella could do absolutely nothing being trapped under her much stronger and dominant roommate, Raven. Throughout the whole time Bella was getting smothered, Raven also subjected her to verbal humiliation, degrading her. When all was said and done, Raven was finished teaching Bella a lesson, and got up to walk away. Bella then tried to confront her from behind, but Raven turns around, and with one big shove, she sends Bella flying backwards into the pool. Looks like Raven finished off one wet little puppy as she walked away.

5 thoughts on “CPL-RSC-05 Smothering Her Roommate”

  1. Raven deserves her own site. She’s in a class of her own. I’d pay for a membership to see videos only featuring her no question.

  2. Raven Wild has such an amazing body & i absolutely love her sexy bra & panties & not to mention i absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesit on Bella in the shower

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