CMX-RTL-99 Face Riding Delight

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Full Video: 14 Minutes
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CMX-RTL-99 Face Riding Delight- The sexy sultry Raven hits the mats again doing what she does best, dominate her male slave. Chadam finds out quickly how powerful this goddess is he is thrown to the mats and used as her personal pleasure toy. Raven commands him to scream into her pussy, twisting his nipples to make sure he really screams loud. She also bounces, grinds, and smashes his face with her ass multiple times loving every second of it.

You can see Raven slowly getting turned on, trying to absorb as much pleasure from his face as possible. She uses forward and reverse deep facesits, full weight and more. She pulls his face into her pussy feeling his nose buried deep within it, gaining pure joy and pleasure. Raven is an alpha female, and her dominance in this clip really shines through. While she sits on his face in reverse she makes him squeeze her ass cheeks hard, as you can hear her getting off on it.

Raven is a sexually charged goddess who took complete control of her male slave in this clip, and for her it was simple sexual pleasure, making sure her slave did everything she told him to. raven leaves this clip feeling more than satisfied, having achieved sheer orgasm. This girl truly lives up to her name, Raven is definitely Wild.

2 thoughts on “CMX-RTL-99 Face Riding Delight”

  1. Ravens lust for pleasure is only equaled by her lust for domination. Brought together, it creates something amazing, and terrifying for her victims at the same. Raven sadistically and systematically destroys Chad, thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. Being forced to worship and pleasure this goddess would be enjoyable for Chad too if he wasn’t having the life sucked out of him as he desperately fights for every single breath of air.

    As usual, Raven doesn’t disappoint. Any video with this amazing lady is definitely worth the money.

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