CMX-RSJ-10 Ravens Denim Desires

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CMX-RSJ-10 Ravens Denim Desires  Raven has become one of the fan favorites, shes sexy, dominant and loves to get off by delivering great punishment. In this wild clip, Raven takes control from the very start, she trash talks chadam even before they start.  Raven is fast on the take down then straight into a facesit, all the while smack talking. She delivers loads of forward facesits, belittling and dominating him. Her mouth is non stop, not only is she depriving him of air, she is psychologically bashing him verbally. Raven switches to a side headscissor gripping his head tightly between her thighs, going from straight leg to figure fours. She turns him onto his back and goes for some good reverse facesitting making sure to smash his nose deep into her ass. As per Raven’s domination she is getting heavily turned on beating chadam into sheer submission with facesitting, full weight facesits, scissor and more. She constantly calls him a pussy ass bitch, she squeezes his nipples causing him to yell into her ass and crotch, making Raven even more sexually turned on. After one of her reverse facesits she even stands on top of him backwards digging her heels into his neck, she then turns around ramming her foot down into his throat and does a solid hand over mouth smother. She bounces on his chest in full weight, the proceeds to dish out even more pleasuring forward facesitting. Raven applies even more scissors, and forward and reverse facesits, all the while chopping away at his manhood verbally. She pinches his nipples to make him scream into her crotch, delivers neck crushing reverse straight leg scissors as well. Raven finishes him off with climatic nipple twisting and facesitting, before he is in a great deal of pain and gives up to his tough dominatrix. One hell of an epic performance yet again from the stunningly sexy Raven.



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  1. In my opinion Raven Wild is the best of all, Raven Wild is amazing, great, incredible, for this reason she deserve a lot 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.

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