KOA-0148 Bambi Strikes Again

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Bambi gets to showcase her abilities in the most submissions style match against chadam. They both line up on the mats and as they begin, both are on the offence waiting to see who will make the first move. Bambi then jumps right into action grabbing chadam and getting him into a standing scissor. From there she falls to her side and locks on a brutal figure four. Once she tightens it, it was an instant tap, chadam nearly went out quickly from it. As chadam already struggling to get back up, Bambi uses a reverse headlock tossing him to the mats and getting on top of him. She slides up and locks on a a near facesit schoolgirl pin, and instead of a submission she slowly counts him out for a point.Just as he was getting up, Bambi gets him into another reverse headlock and this time she cranks it on nearly snapping his neck. He taps, but with another fast snap she gets him again. He drops to the mats, this time Bambi jumps on his face smothering him. She gets 2 more taps from the facesit alone. After releasing him chadam finds him self trapped in a reverse smothering figure four that turned into a facesit. Bambi is all fired up now as she tears into chadam relentlessly. Bambi gets a few pin count outs, breath deprived facesitting submissions and more. Bambi switches from hold to hold after he taps, not giving him any chance in hell to even get up let alone defend himself. He finds himself in excruciating headscissors from knotted to straight leg, reverse and even smothering scissors. Bambi also breaks him down with painful arm bar submissions. She teases, taunts, humiliates and dominates chadam like we have never seen her do before. Bambi gets him in a reverse facesit, and says ” god I love reverse facesitting”, and buries his face in her amazing ass. she was whipping his ass so bad, she said “this is getting kind of boring” as she continued to make him her bitch on the mats. Bambi was too fast and too powerful for chadam and it shows in the match as he was even having a hard time defending himself. He didn’t have much strength left to fight her off as most of it was either squeezed or smothered out of him. Bambi also locks on a few perfectly executed rear naked ch0kes, and you can see in chadams eyes he was on the brink of going out,not to mention the fear in them. Bambi wrecked him badly in the clip, and in her final moments of glory she mounts him in a reverse facesit. Chadam was so stubborn he didn’t want to tap and used the little amount of stored energy to try and get out, but he failed miserably. He actually went out and Bambi didn’t even realize she KO’d him, and Sam behind the camera said “i think you kn0cked him out”. Bambi was all disappointed as she wanted that last tap, but certainly took her KO victory as she poses over his limp lifeless body on the mats.  

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  1. Hey Chadam, hope you’re doing great. Were you able to see if you had those fem/fem vids with Bambi? Thanks so much in advance!

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