CPL-CLS-099 Fugitive Farts

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CPL-CLS-099 Fugitive Farts

Chadam was laying in his studio chatting away on the phone, when out of no where came a hot female fugitive. She had just escaped and instantly attacked chad. she was dressed in a jailbird miniskirt, thong, and still had handcuffs partially on. All that jail food seemed to have built up in her system, and she decided to let it rip in his face. Burying his face deep into her scantily clad ass crack, she lets them rip. Chadam was disgusted but out fugitive was loving it. She rubbed her ass in his face, talked smack to him, made him take big whiffs sniffing them, farted in his mouth and more. By the end chadam was almost sick, having this hot chick farting all over him. she posed over him in a sadistic fashion, knowing she loved every minute of degrading and humiliating him.


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