CPL-CLS-044 Little Bitch Thief

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Hailey, Mia and Sara were all scheduled for matches. But when Hailey enters the room, Mia seen that Hailey had stolen her bikini. The argument ensues, and Mia was really upset. Hailey mouthed back to Mia, and finally Mia called on Sara to come out and take care of Hailey. Sara takes Hailey to the mats and starts dishing out her fury. The twist to this was Mia was telling Sara what to do to Hailey, and Sara unleashed her own humiliation to Hailey.

Nearing the end of the match, Mia wanted her bikini back, and as Sara was smothering and torturing Hailey as she was pinned, Both Sara and Mia began to strip off Hailey’s bikini. Sara now in complete control over Hailey, both girls stripped Hailey naked, and made her give up, so she lost her clothes, and the match. Lots of verbal humiliation throughout as well.


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  1. Mia & Sara have such amazing bodies & they look absolutely beautiful in those outfits & i absolutely love Mia’s Front & Reverse Facesit on Hailey & not to mention i also love how Mia & Sara strip off Hailey’s Bikini & leave her totally humiliated!

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