CMX-MR-66 Paige´s Competitive Struggle

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CMX-MR-66 Paige´s Competitive Struggle  Paige has her hands full today trying to defeat Chris. For once our skinny little male victim was fighting back harder than normal, obviously tired of losing to all the girls. Paige uses multiple holds to try and break Chris down including 5 second pin counts. Chris retaliates by getting Paige in compromising body scissors, and even tries to get Paige to tap out in rear naked chokes. Unfortunately for him, Paige fights through the pain, and manages to get herself out, and actually reverse it on him. Chris’s face turns extremely red as she tightens the squeeze on him, making Chris tap. We are sure that he was highly disappointed as he gave it his all to fire back at Paige, and still manages to lose the whole match. Paige is a muscled force to reckon with, and Chris was on the losing end this time against her.

cplpicsets CMX-MR-66 Paige´s Competitive Struggle


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