CPL-KMW-9 Megans Muscle Worship K.O

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CPL-KMW-9 Megans Muscle Worship K.O  Megan walks into the room carrying Bella on her shoulders and tosses Bella onto the bed. Megan was about to make Bella her muscle worshiping bitch. Once on the bed, Megan begins her escapade of facesitting and scissors to break her weak little opponent down preparing her to worship all parts of her body. Megan jumps on top of Bella and she completely degrades her verbally and as Bella tries to struggle, Megan tells her to kiss her thighs to start. Megan works over Bella with a tight thigh trap, then rolls to the side into a headscissor. She simply toys were her smaller weaker opponent squeezing her head and degrading her. Megan uses a calf scissor that Bella could not get out of, and all she does is moan in pain. When she was done squeezing she made Bella kiss both her calves to show her amazonian mistress who was in control, and Bella did what she was told. Megan jumps into a reverse facesit and smothers Bella for a bit. Then she makes Bella kiss her ass cheeks and smack her ass while she twerked on Bella. Megan then backs up and slams all her weight down onto Bella’s face burying it in her ass cheeks. After a few minutes Megan uses a reverse scissor and looses Bella’s head in her thick thighs as she cranks the scissor on. When she was done squeezing she made Bella kiss her inner thighs. Bella became a bit defiant as Megan rubs her foot on Bella’s face and got her to kiss her calves again, but was not listening to everything Megan told her to do. It was punishment time now as Megan clamps on another scissor and inflicts pain on Bella. Megan said “you should do as your told, when I tell you to worship, you worship me”. Megan gets off Bella and puts on a side headlock, Bella crying out in pain. Once Bella tapped, Megan told her to kiss both of her biceps now. She then grabs Bella by the throat and slams her back down to the bed. Megan drags Bella to the edge of the bed, and gets her into quite a tight standing headscissor, Bella’s face was literally buried in Megan’s powerful glutes. After a few taps, Megan tells Bella to kiss her inner thighs again. Jumping back on the bed, Megan secures Bella in a lotus lock. She pulled on her arms so much we thought they were going to snap. Once she finished with the lotus lock, Megan jolts on a bodyscissor making Bella yelp in pain. Now pulling Bella into her lap she asked her who was stronger, while having to kiss Megan’s biceps again. Megan gets up to her feet, and gets Bella into a standing headscissor, Megan towering over literally everyone now. With no where to go, Bella taps from the pain of the standing scissor, and this time Megan told Bella to kiss from her ass all the way down her leg now, and to do it slowly.  when Bella was finished she looked up at Megan with such a helpless pathetic look on her face, so Megan tosses her back down to the bed. This time Megan uses her foot to smother her, and tells Bella to kiss her feet and toes now. Megan then gets down onto the bed grabs Bella by the neck and asks if she admits she is the weaker one. Bella finally agrees in hopes that Megan would stop the utter humiliation she was going through. Wrong, Megan lifts Bella up into a rear naked choke, and actually puts her out. Bella falls face first into the bed, and Megan lifts her arms and they dropped when she let them go, knowing she was truly out. Megan waits a bit and once Bella slowly came to, Megan jumped on her face in a grueling facesit leaving no chance for Bella to recover. Now her cries are muffled in Megan’s crotch as she fights for air. Megan brings one leg over Bella sitting on the side of her and breast smothers her now.  Then Megan gets one leg secured under Bella’s neck and uses it like a headscissor all of Megan’s weight bearing down.  Bella tapped but Megan says to her ” no way there is no tapping out” with that being said, Bella goes out yet again.  Megan gets off her, still trash talks her and crosses her legs, then folds Bella’s arms over her body. Bella was absolutely finished, dominated, and most of all massively humiliated by her amazonian goddess.


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