CPL-BBG-05 Big Girl Humiliation

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CPL-BBG-05 Big Girl Humiliation  New girl Destiny was in for quite the surprise today when she was preparing to take on Arianne. She had no idea the utter humiliation she was about to under go. Arianne was already sitting on her in reverse, as she talks to the camera introducing Destiny, saying are you ready for my ass in your face? Then she proceeds to begin smothering Destiny. Arianne with her no filter approach to verbal humiliation she belittles her larger opponent, dominating her while making her suffer beneath her. Arianne would repeatedly say if you want air tap or grab that ass, making Destiny grab it. Judging by the look on Destiny’s face we are not sure if she was enjoying it,  or simply listening to Arianne’s commands and obeying her. Either way Arianne put on a spectacular show verbally and physically dominating her on the mats. Arianne uses full weight smothering really burying her nose and face deep into her asshole.  Arianne also uses a few good forward and reverse headscissors, showing Destiny the power of her thighs, making her tap quite a few times this way as well. by the time the match was over, Destiny was out of breath, beaten, humiliated as Arianne blows her fans a kiss saying until next time!!


cplpicsets CPL-BBG-05 Big Girl Humiliation

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