CPL-BOX-01 Arianne vs Eve Premier Boxing Match

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CPL-BOX-01 Arianne vs Eve Premier Boxing Match  Well we got a request to film a boxing match, so here it is. Arianne is not much of a boxer, she is more of a grappler, and Eve is actually pretty good on her feet. They trade body shots back and fourth for 2 min each round. Arianne scored a few good hits on Eve, but early on, Eve manages to rack up more shots. The second round gets a little more intense with more shots landing, this time on Eve’s behalf. Arianne was absorbing quite a few stomach shots and actually goes down. She gets up again only to get pummeled by the quicker more agile Eve. Arianne comes out swinging in the third round connecting with Eve. Even though Arianne landed some good blows, it didn’t phase Eve one bit. Arianne takes quite a head shot and falls into the mats ripping down one of the banners. It wasn’t long before Arianne was winded and takes another shot where this time there was no getting back up from. Pretty good boxing match for their first time ever.

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