CPL-CFX-4 Mariella Takes Out Cynara

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CPL-CFX-4 Mariella Takes Out Cynara    Mariella and Cynara have done quite a few intense matches together, but none like this one. Cynara is a tall amazon, but Mariella stands fairly close to her height, and today she is on her A-Game. Cynara gets thrown to the mats, and seriously punished with lots of facesitting, forward and full weight. She tries to fight to get out but Mariella keeps the pressure on. The times that Cynara manages to sort of break free, she ends up right back under Mariella again.

With no way out, Cynara continues to be dominated, and verbally humiliated by Mariella. At the end, Mariella tries to get Cynara to say I quit momma, but Cynara refused. Mariella uses her tight ass to choke and smother Cynara to the point where she yells out, “I said I give up” just wanting the agony to stop. Finally Mariella loosens her grip and sits proudly on her beaten larger foe.

6 thoughts on “CPL-CFX-4 Mariella Takes Out Cynara”

  1. It’s amazing to finally see these two together. I wish I was able to see them in a match with piledrivers since both have been dominant in many of their videos.

  2. WOW!! Beautiful and Powerful match put on by Mariella!
    Cynara didn’t stand a chance once she was under Mariella.
    Definitely a #1 match!

  3. Mariella has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in the Pink Panties with the White Top & i absolutely love her Front & Reverse Facesits i absolutely love her Leg Grapevine Pin Combined with The Breastsmother on Cynara!

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